Give 50%


When we started Best Brand CBD the thought was to simply give you, our customer, the best quality CBD products available for the best value price. 

Then we had another thought. That was together; you with us Best Brand CBD, we could do even more. 

Our personal interest initially in CBD was being used as a treatment against anxiety, depression and PTSD and the research being undertaken in that area. From there it expanded into a number of different areas where CBD was being applied to treat different problems, for example the growth is sport. Widely in part as CBD was delisted from the banned substance list held by WADA in 2018. In a growing number of areas research continues to grow in the use of CBD in other many diverse areas.

Note for legal compliance we have to be clear we don’t and are not allowed to express any views detailing any health benefits that may be derived from taking CBD, yet; 

1 in 4 people suffer some form of mental illness in their lifetime. This is a huge problem that leans over us all. Sadly we still seem so far away from fixing it. We thought that with your help, we could work towards trying to fix that. 

As such, 50% of the profits made from your purchases will be donating directly towards supporting and helping find a cure for mental health issues.

To start we have chosen the MQ Foundation as the ‘Give 50’ charity of choice. As the leading global Mental Health Research Charity their priority focus is undertaking research into mental illness and welfare i.e. they are trying to get to the root cause of the problem. 
Also like us they have a very simple vision; that is “to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented.” They also operate with a global mandate and with your support buying Best Brand CBD together we can help the MQ Foundation make a difference.

We are though a very new enterprise so are just getting started. We have then to sell some products before we can donate some profits. So have a look round and please feel free to buy. As Best Brand CBD grows this is where we will let you know our Give 50 pledge results for you. Stay tuned and keep visiting back and sign up below and we will keep you updated with the latest news and updates as we progress.

If you have any questions or ideas (we are big supporters of innovation) then let us know we will be very happy to answer these for you. Please also spread the word about Best Brand CBD and the Give 50 pledge with your friends and family.

And if you would like to know more about the MQ Foundation and the great work they do then you can find this here.